Instagram’s censorship policy allows male nipples to be shown, while women’s get banned. This reinforces the idea that women's bodies are sexual objects, and men’s aren’t. But what if both nipples were up close, could you tell the difference? Instagram’s algorithm couldn’t.  Selected Press:   Buzzfeed ;  New York Times ;  The Guardian ;  Huffington Post ;  Daily Mail ;  People ;  Vogue .  Recognition:  1x WEBBY People’s Voice 2017; 1x Gold Creativity International 2017; 1x Shortlist ANDY 2017; 1x Gold Summit Award 2017.  Students:   Marco Russo ;  Evelyne Wyss ;  Morgan-Lee Wagner .
 Inspired by President Trump’s January executive order, that barred immigrants from eight Muslim-majority nations, we decided to add our voice to the refugee crisis discussion. While most countries have strong disapproval for refugees, we have to remember that they have always made an impactful contribution to society, and that some products we consume in our daily lives, were actually created by them.  Selected Press:   Huffington Post ;  Pix11 ;  NBC ;  It's Nice That ;  Yahoo ;  Sinovision ;  UpWorthy .  Students:   Kien Quan ,  Jillian Young
  Trying to make a point about the repetitive and impersonal nature of flirting online, Zsofia Suha spent the winter of 2017, in New York, interacting with over 150 men on an online dating site. She wasn't the one coming up with the answers though, but a chatbot.   Many of the men she came across were just passing time, some were lonely, and a lot them blindly, stupidly horny. But hardly any them worked out that they were in fact, hitting on a robot.  Student:   Szófia Suha .
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